Local Roof Care Adelaide is proudly known for being proactive about our roof restoration processes. Our highly experienced team understands the importance of dealing with a healthy roof and how to prevent the stages of a roof collapse. We know our customers can feel comfortable using our roof restoration services at local roof care, homeowners trust us to provide the best work, and great quality products for all of our services. We have the experience in dealing with roofs that are concealed from direct sight, which means that sometimes problems arise that owners are not aware of as they cannot directly see the conditions of their roof. In some cases, this means that problems can develop quickly, and become extremely dangerous to your home and its structural integrity.

We want our customers and fellow homeowners to know and understand that even the smallest leaks or singular broken tile can jeopardise the entire structural integrity of the home and potentially put you and the other members of your household at risk. If these damages are left unattended, this can cause major problems to your roofing, structural beams, ceiling, the inside of your house, and ultimately your personal belongings. Our team at Local Roof Care suggests that as soon as you notice the first sign of problems, you should begin seeking professional help to prevent further dilemmas.

Our experienced professionals at Local Roof Care are experts in performing a variety of roof repairs across Adelaide, including:

·      Replacement of broken tiles

·      Ridge capping repair

·      Flashing repair 

·      Whiley bird replacement 

·      Valley metal

·      Verandah flashing repair 

·      Repair of metal roofs, this includes – new sheeting, re-screw, flashing repair, and new valley gutters 

Now that we’ve specified a range of services we offer, you might be wondering what the actual process is for a complete roof restoration. This service will change depending on your roof and how much damage it has, but in general we follow 8 steps when completing a full roof restoration. 

Step 1) Inspection

It probably goes without saying that before we carry out a roof restoration, we must inspect the roof we will be working on to get a full idea of what faults exist that may not be super visible to the untrained eye. You may think that your roof simply has one or two cracked tiles, but there actually may be more to it that can affect your roof’s structure. After we have determined exactly what needs to be done, the roof restoration process can start.

Step 2) Roof Repairs

This step is necessary to complete before beginning the rest of the roof restoration process. After carrying out the inspection on your roof and determining any faults and damages with the roof, we will then go ahead and fix these issues. This may be replacing any cracked or broken tiles, replacing metal roofing sheets or rescrewing materials. This is the most important part of the roof restoration process, before any cleaning can begin. A strong roof foundation is necessary for a healthy home structure; any issues with your roof will cause other issues that will end up being even more expensive to fix.

Step 3) Roof Cleaning

Once your roof has been repaired and has a strong foundation again, we are able to continue with the roof restoration process! This involves thoroughly cleaning your roof and gutters. During this stage of the process, any and all debris and dirt will be removed.

Step 4) Re-bedding and re-pointing

At this stage, your roof will be nice and clean, which enables our team to re-bed your roof if necessary, to ensure that it is watertight. This is necessary if your ridge caps are loose. If your ridge caps are not loose, re-bedding will not be necessary, and instead your roof will only need the re-pointing.

Step 5) Clean and prepare for paint

After the re-pointing and re-bedding has dried, we will then clean your roof once more to prepare it for paint. Any grime or mould that has been left over will be removed, ensuring a clean base for a primer coat and/or paint.

Step 6) Seal

This step is only necessary to be completed on tile roofs. The seal is a primer coat that will make sure that the tiles will stick to the roof by applying a coat of gripped metal. 

Step 7) Acrylic membrane

The final step in the roof restoration process is an acrylic membrane coating. The acrylic membrane will get painted on the roof in a colour of your choice, and will act as a protectant for your roof. Two coats of this acrylic membrane coating will help your roof last longer, with the added benefit of keeping your roof looking fresh and attractive.

Step 8) Final Inspection

The roof restoration process is not truly finished until our team of experts have carried out a final inspection to ensure everything is clean, tidy, and that no damages have gone unnoticed. When we are confident that nothing has been missed and everything has been done perfectly, we will then leave your roof looking brand new!

There are costly consequences for leaving your roof untreated and delaying a roof restoration. This may seem to get pushed further and further down your to-do list, but it is important to not let life get in the way of having a healthy home.