Roof restoration is your home’s main protection from outside elements and weather. This will need a few repairs and restorations done throughout its lifetime. Problems arise when these repairs are not kept on top of, and left alone. This is becoming a big issue then they need to be. If you suspect issues with your roof such as leaks or cracks you should get it inspected quickly. The consequences of waiting too long to repair your roof are not worth putting it off until later when it becomes a bigger problem for the future.

Costly Repairs

It may be easy to become ignorant about your roof and the state it’s in. As some say, ignorance is bliss! Ignoring potential issues with roofing, you’re ensuring that your roof will eventually have problems that won’t be so cheap and easy to fix. Don’t put roof care last on your to-do list! The longer you leave it, the more costly the repairs will be. This is due to the nature of small issues becoming bigger issues if left unsupervised and unresolved. For example, a minor external roofing issue left alone long enough can cause internal damage to your roof. Worst case scenario, your roof will begin to sag and cave in, allowing for a collapsed roof. Save yourself the hassle and cost of a full replacement, and get a roof restoration today!

Leaks and Moisture

If you do not regularly get your roof checked, your roof is at risk of developing cracks, leading to leaking or moisture within your roof. The chance of this occurring is influenced by the natural deterioration of roofing materials, and the age of your roof. 

Wind, ice, hail or other debris and natural elements can contribute to this deterioration of your roof, and if you spot any moisture retention or roof leaks, you should ring a roof restorationAdelaide professional right away to tackle this issue before it gets out of hand!  The longer you wait before tackling a roof leak, the wider it will spread and the integrity of your roof will be compromised; leading to a more costly service being necessary.

Health Issues

As outlined before, small cracks in your roof can easily lead to leaking or moisture retention within your roof. If this happens to your roof and it is left untreated for some time, this can actually become damaging to your health as mould and mildew become prevalent. This mould and mildew will cause toxins that are not ideal to breathe in, and if this does happen, you will need to have a professional come and clean the affected area and kill all the bacteria. Mould and mildew spreads easily, and will potentially spread to your walls and attic, whilst contaminating the air you breathe in. This contaminated air can cause sickness and respiratory issues; it is dangerous to your health. By taking preventative action as soon as a problem is noticed, and getting a roof restoration implemented, all these issues can be stopped.

What’s involved in roof restoration

So now you know all about why you should not put roof restoration off. But, you may not understand what is actually involved in the roof restoration process. This is a common question to have, and we want to ensure we keep our clients aware of the process! 

A roof restoration can include things such as a good clean, a new coat of paint or even a few broken tiles replaced. A full restoration process typically follows the following pattern;

  • Inspection
  • Roof Repairs
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Re-bedding and re-pointing
  • Clean and prepare for paint
  • Seal
  • Acrylic membrane
  • Final inspection

The process differs for each roof depending on the requirements of the roof, and how extensive any repairs are.

Why Choose Local Roof Care for roof restoration

Here at local roof care, we have a team of fully qualified, and highly experienced tradespeople. Our employees are Occupational Health and Safety members, so you will be able to be assured that all jobs we complete are done safely, following all OHS guidelines.

Local Roof Care is highly experienced in restoring roofs. We specialise in storms, rain and heavy wind conditions. If you have a roofing emergency we will guarantee to respond to this within 2 hours of your call, providing you with efficient and swift service.

The difference between a healthy roof and a roof that is on the verge of collapsing, is being proactive about roof restoration. Local roof care provides roof restoration Adelaide homeowners can count on. It is crucial to realise that small issues with your roof can very quickly develop into larger, more expensive issues; a simple leak or broken tile if untreated may jeopardise your home’s structural integrity.

Pros Of Roof Restoration

By getting a roof restoration , you are spending much less money than you would if you were to get a full roof replacement. Not only are you saving money though, you are also saving time. Getting a restoration will help protect your roof from roof leaks, extend your roof’s longevity, and add great value to your Adelaide home. For the best deal on Roof restoration here in Adelaide, please visit our roof restoration page for more information.