A leaky roof is a serious problem. Before it causes more damage, be aware that the roof is structurally intact. People often choose to delay roof repair due to procrastination, busy work and family reasons. However, a leaky roof should be at the top of your list of home maintenance problems. Problems don’t get better because of your ignorance. There are many reasons for roof leaks: improper roof installation, wind or storm damage, and lack of maintenance. Or maybe it’s time to replace the roof. Remember, most roofs are only 20 to 30 years old. Could even a small roof leak be critical to your entire home? Most homeowners think a leaky roof is just a structural problem, but it can pose more safety and even health risks. Constant water intrusion will eventually destroy your home, causing a lot of costly damage along the way. For most people, the house is the most important property in their life. Please don’t take this risk.

Health problem caused by leaking roofs

Roof leaks can lead to massive mold growth. Mold can destroy the structure, ceiling and furniture of your home. Worse still, mold spores in homes can even pass through ventilation systems, causing serious illness in people with allergies, asthma and compromised immune systems. Plus slippery floors are a senior’s nightmare, and a leaky roof is a high-probability problem.

Unstable structure

The most obvious consequence of a leaking roof is that damaged rafters, ceiling joists, wall framing and even lintels and exterior trim can all fall victim to water intrusion. Long-term roof leaks can cause wood to deteriorate, and a weakened, rotted roof frame can cause serious problems that require the help of a professional contractor. You can also face expensive wood framing repairs if water leaks into the ceiling joists and walls.

Spongy and fragile water-damaged wood can eventually lead to peeling paint, damaged ceilings and warped wall coverings. Structural damage is unavoidable if the roof has severe and chronic leaks. This means that a large piece of damaged ceiling can collapse, damaging anything below.

Increase your electricity bill without roof restoration

The negative impact of the water from the roof on insulation leads to another problem: energy inefficiency. If your material isn’t doing its job, you’ll end up using more electricity and losing more heat. This is bad for the environment and bad for electricity bills.

Fire hazards caused by water leakage

If your wires are in the attic or ceiling, a leaky roof can cause a fire due to a short circuit in the wires. It is strongly recommended to turn off the power to the affected area and have it checked by an electrician.

Damaged ceilings and attics may cause leaking roofs

When your roof leaks, the water flows first into the ceiling and then into your attic, if your home has one. If you have unresolved leaks in your roof, you may think that water will damage the attic items, as well as darken, stain, and damage the ceiling.

Roof restoration is the process of cleaning, repainting, repairing and updating roofs for quality and sustainability. At Local Roof Care, our team of professional roofers are trained to identify what needs fixing and take our work very seriously when it comes to the safety of your home. Roof restoration is designed to extend the life of the roof, making it healthy and protected for many years. Depending on the condition of your roof, our team may pressure clean your entire roof, replace broken tiles or repair damaged metal roofs, apply new paint and protective coatings, and other extensive repairs. Your roof will suffer a lot of weather damage that can cause big problems if left unattended, roof repair is your solution.