Roof restoration has always been considered a very smart choice, especially for your most valuable property. A qualified roof should be able to withstand the test of various weather conditions, but if the roof has been used for a long time, its quality has to be re-examined. After its peak, it is susceptible to many problems that can reduce your quality of life and the security of your property.

Is roof restoration worth it?

The answer is Yes! 

There are many benefits to having a roof repair done by an experienced roofing professional, including:

Increase the value of your home:

If you decide to sell your home, the appearance will make the first impression on potential buyers, so investing in your roof maintenance will increase its value by adding to its aesthetics. It will also ensure your property is safe.

Provide peace of mind:

Stormy season is a regular occurrence in Adelaide, and even if there are no obvious signs of leaks or water damage, severe weather can cause incalculable damage to a roof. Roof repairs will ensure any damage is detected and repaired before it gets worse. No one wants to live in a leaky house.

Extend the using life of your roof

An experienced roofing specialist will be able to spot any leaks and fix them before any major damage occurs. It will alleviate the need for roof replacements in the future. Cleaning up overflowing gutters as part of the process will also minimise the risk of fire.

Ensure insurance coverage

Depending on the type and level of your home insurance, you as the homeowner will have certain responsibilities. If your roof is not adequately maintained, insurance companies can deny insurance claims, including coverage for problems related to clogged gutters, rusted roofs, or clogged gutters or flashings.

If you’ve learned about the great benefits of roof restoration, you may be wondering how long the restoration process will take and how soon you can get back to your normal life. This is a common question for clients in Adelaide. After all, it’s a big project that could disrupt your life for a few days. Everyone’s roof is different and needs to be inspected to determine what needs to be done and estimate how long the work will take. In Adelaide, the average roof repair takes about 2 to 7 days. Times will vary, depending on the size of the roof and the ability to work in harsh weather conditions in the process. Local Roof Care can estimate how long a project might take. Most projects take about 2 to 3 days if the weather is nice. What we can guarantee is that your daily life will not be disturbed.

How much does a roof restoration cost?

These factors may affect the cost:

Roof size:

This is the most obvious factor. Of course, the price of a 100-square-meter roof is different from that of a 500-square-meter roof. Even if you think only minor repairs are needed, it’s worth considering inspecting the entire roof, as a roofing specialist can spot problems you might not be able to see. You need a professional to check!

Degree of repair:

While simple repairs often involve cleaning and/or repainting the roof, multiple repairs or replacements are often required as part of a project. Keep in mind that some problems may be discovered after the project has started, especially after the roof has been pressure cleaned, many of which will be exposed.

Spacing and Accessibility:

Steeper, taller and more complex roofs are more difficult to construct and usually cost more to repair. If the roof exceeds a certain height, guard rails will usually need to be installed as well, which will add to the cost, as will any additional safety equipment.

Roof Type:

The steps involved in roof restoration will vary depending on the type of roof you have. Tile roof and Colorbond prices are definitely not the same.

Basically, If your roof is showing signs of ageing, wear or mould or a strange smell, you may think it’s time to replace it. But there is another option – roof restoration. This can help you restore a tile or metal roof to like-new condition for far less than the cost of replacing the roof.

How much does a roof repair cost? You can call Local Roof Care to get a quote. Here are the average prices in Adelaide for you to enjoy:

  • Roof cleaning costs between $250 and $500 depending on the condition of the roof surface
  • $200 to $500 on-site repair, depending on the size of the problem
  • Metal roof repairs $48 to $58 per square meter
  • Tile roof repairs $55 to $65 per square meter
  • $2,500 for a full-roof restoration on an average-sized home
  • For larger jobs, a full repair of a tiled roof can cost $4,500 to $11,000