One of the key architectural elements every home needs, the roof, is the outer envelope that covers the top floor of the house to withstand Adelaide’s harsh weather. Therefore, choosing the most suitable roof for your home is crucial. There are many factors to consider when choosing roofing materials, such as budget, function, style, etc. Tile roofs are a quintessential Australian roofing material, and Colorbond roofs have rapidly gained in popularity over the past few years. Colorbond is currently the most popular type of roof in Australia. Colorbond is used in almost all new houses in Adelaide. When choosing a new roof, the best thing to do is to understand what each roofing material has to offer in order to make an informed and appropriate decision. Today, we will be comparing Colorbond and Tile Roof materials.

1. Noise

No matter how good the sound insulation and angle of the Colorbond roof are, the sound of water droplets hitting the steel plate is still greater than the sound falling on the tiles. Some people feel that the rain on the Colorbond roof is too loud and unsafe. Tile roofs are usually heavy and will provide excellent sound insulation. Tile roofs have excellent sound insulation and sound absorption properties.

raining roof

2. Collect Rainwater

In Adelaide, all new houses are required by law to have at least 1000 litre rainwater collection tanks. And, due to the dry weather, Adelaideans generally choose to collect rainwater to water their flowers and lawns. At this time, the tile roof is at a disadvantage, because the tiles can seep water, so the tiles can only collect water after they are full of water. In addition, the tiles are prone to accumulation of ash and bird droppings, so these dirty things are more likely to enter the tank after rain. However, the water barely stays on the steel plate and immediately flows into the rainwater tank.

3. Maintenance

With regular maintenance, repair and restoration, Tile Roof can last up to 100 years. Colorbond Roof will last at least 30 to 40 years. In terms of service life, Tile roofs have a longer lifespan. However, Colorbond is lighter than Tile Roofs. Because the roof is light, so the load-bearing weight of the entire roof is light, and the pressure on the wood frame structure and the rafters of the roof is less. Especially in winter, the continuous rain in Adelaide will make the Tile roof full of water, the roof will be heavier, and the pressure on the wood frame house will be for a long time. Home maintenance is more frequent.

Tile Roof is more fragile than Colorbond, so they are more likely to crack and leak. In many of the old houses in Adelaide we inspected, cracking of ridge tiles is very common, and there are more rain leaks. However, don’t worry, Local Roof Care guarantees to respond to your rooftop emergency within 2 hours of your call. And within 5 years after the tile is installed, the phenomenon of oxidation fading is obvious, and the colour of the Colorbond can be maintained for more years. The post-maintenance cost of tiles is relatively high.


4. Price Of Tile Roof

This question is too easy! Colorbond win again! Due to the problem of self-weight, traditional tiles require more reinforcement, as well as the design of load-bearing beams, and the cost of labour and wood structural materials is relatively high. At the same time, the construction time of the Colorbond roof is faster than that of the Tile roof.

5. Safety of Tile Roof

In Adelaide, various lizards, possums and insects are often found on roofs. They can easily get into the gaps between the tiles. But it’s almost impossible to get into the Colorbond. Also, the Colorbond is so sturdy that you can even run on it. However, you can easily smash tiles. In terms of fire prevention, the government enforces the installation of Colorbond in houses in the forest, which shows the reliability of Colorbond.

In conclusion, whether you are after the longevity of Tile Roof or the stylish technology of Colorbond. It’s important to do your research before making a decision to provide the best custom roofing solution for your property. The installation or replacement of any roofing material requires the expert advice and skills of a professional roofing contractor. Local Roof Care has been servicing Adelaide roofs for over 10 years and will be able to help you make the most informed and reliable decisions for your home. We are your roofing experts in Adelaide.