First of all, safety is the most important when cleaning a roof. Proper equipment and cleaning methods can prevent serious injury or even save your life. These are the main safety steps you should take if you try roof cleaning:

  • It’s better to have a helper that can give you what you need when you need it
  • Wear non-slip boots when working on the roof
  • Use a sturdy ladder to climb to the roof.
  • Wear a seat belt to prevent falls
  • Watch the roof ahead of time and plan
  • When working with chemicals, wear protective glasses, a compliant respirator, rubber gloves, and keep chemicals out of your garden.
  • If you’re cleaning on a tile roof, pay attention to the tiles under your feet. They may break easily.

Roof restoration in Adelaide through colourblind roof cleaning

When cleaning a Colorbond roof, you need to avoid using a pressure washer because it could harm the roof. Instead, scrub softly with a soft sponge or soft nylon brush using dish soap or a mild pure soap solution. Avoid rubbing the roof too vigorously, as this might cause shiny patches.

To avoid touching your hands and knees, you can use a floor mop, but be careful not to apply too much pressure. Clean the roof gently, then rinse completely to eliminate any detergent residue and drain the grime down the gutters.

Never use turpentine, gasoline, kerosene, or paint thinner to remove persistent stains or lichen from your Colorbond roof, as they can harm the surface. Use a gentle cleaner to carefully remove them.

How to clean a terracotta tiled roof

Cleaning terracotta begins with a thorough rinse with clean water, followed by the use of an antifungal solution, which is more ecologically friendly than chemical cleaning. It’s possible that cleaning the roof will take a few days. Moss or algae that has become brown will shed more easily.

A pressure washer may be used to clean the terracotta. Begin at the top and avoid going through damp places. You can work from the ladder or slowly descend from the roof when you reach the end of the roof, but be careful. Roofs can get slippery, so take care not to slide.

Keep an eye out for indicators of damage while cleaning the roof. Get an estimate from a roof repair provider if you’re not sure about the repair. If your roof is ancient, the terracotta tiles may be fragile, making walking on them dangerous. You should also contact a professional roof cleaning service in this scenario.

How to clean slate roofing tiles

Natural stone is used to make slate tiles. They are permeable, like clay bricks, and moss and algae can develop on them. Due to the thin layer of slate, pressure cleaning is not recommended since it may cause damage. Walking on the slate is not recommended since it is fragile. If the slate is covered with moss, scrub it clean with a medium-hard brush and a solution of a quarter cup of home cleanser and 4 litres of water. To get further into the roof, use a brush with a long handle, but avoid walking on it.

Use a garden hose to rinse the roof carefully. So that water doesn’t get beneath the tile and cause a leak, point the hose up. If you use a forceful spray, water will leak through the tiles and into your home.

How to clean cement roofing tiles?

You can walk on concrete roof tiles, but only where they overlap; otherwise, the tiles may be broken. Wear non-slip footwear and a seat belt, or construct a safety rail, because tiles can get slippery as you work. The moss and algae thrive on cement roof tiles, the first step is to spray them with an anti-moss solution. Before beginning, unplug any rain tanks you may have.

In conclusion, cleaning roof is not an easy job. When an accident happens, you or your property may suffer huge damage. You better find a professional team.