A tile roof is a staple for many homes in Australia because of its robust and durable design. Tile Roofing has many benefits from being fire resistant and age extremely well. They also come in many different colours and shapes: curved, flat, fluted or interlocking. 

Tile roofing is also great for homes that experience hot weather or are near the ocean where salt air can cause metal roofing to rust. This is why you will see so many tiled roofed homes in Adelaide. They can also survive heavy rain dumps and cyclones fairly well. 

If you are considering a tile roof, you will need to be aware that they are very heavy and require a sturdy house frame to withstand the weight the tiles will put on the home. Here are some more reasons as to what makes a tile roof and a great option for your home. 


Life span: Terracotta tiles and tinted concrete tiles have a great lifespan and age extremely well, making them the perfect investment for your home.

Fire resistant: Because of the way roofing tiles are made they are non combustible making them the best option for a fire prone area. 

Extreme weather: A tile roof is built to withstand high wind, hail and heavy rains. Most concrete and clay tiles can endure hailstones as large as 2” which is just larger than a golf ball. 

Pest and Insect Safe: A tile roof is the most pest and insect durable roof you can have. 

Rust and Corrosion: Roof tiles are rust and corrosion free allowing them to be used in the most harshest climates within Australia. 

Cost: Tile roofing has the lowest cost of any other roofing material. Making it one of the best materials to build your new with or a quality upgrade when replacing your roof. 


Many colour choices: Because of the natural material of terra cotta, clay and concrete a tile roof can come in a wide array of colours, making it very easy to match your tile roof with existing colours of your home. 

Different styles: Roof tiles can come in many different styles to suit your home including  curved, flat, fluted or interlocking.

Increased Value: Depending on where your home is situated having a tile roof can increase the property value of your home.  

Sound Insulators: Tile roofs are the best for sound insulators as the tiles absorb the sound waves instead of reflecting them like a metal surface would. 


Reflectivity: A tile roof will reflect more heat away from your home keeping your home cooler in summer. In turn reducing the need for artificial cooling devices in your home, lowering your electricity bill. 

Recyclable: The best part of a tile roof is when a tile breaks and needs to be replaced the broken tile can be crushed down to be recycled and reused. 

Tank Water Safe: Rain water from a tile roof is as safe and usable as that from any other roofing material. 


Repair: A tile roof is very simple to repair and does not require a whole new section. In saying that if you do happen to have one cracked roof tile it will be worth the time to get a proper inspect and repair cost quote on your roof to ensure there are no other hidden damages.

Restore: Cleaning your tile roof is very simple but is still best left to the professionals as they will use the correct equipment to ensure your tile roof gets as many years as possible out of its lifetime. 

Replace: As mentioned above replacing tiles is very simple and is an easy job to complete from a trained professional. If it is one tile or a whole section it will not be a job too big. 

Structure: You will need to ensure that your home building frame will be able to withstand the weight of a full tile roof.